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Maintenance of solid wood home

Keep damp away from furniture

Do not store solid wood furniture in a room that is too humid. This will cause the furniture to rise due to humidity, which will affect the appearance and shorten the service life. To prevent this problem, you must keep the room dry. In wet summer months, you'd better use thin glue to separate the parts where the furniture is in contact with the ground, and at the same time keep the wall-to-wall parts of the furniture at a distance of 0.5-1 cm from the wall, and the problem is solved.

Solid wood furniture does not love sunlight

Animals and plants need the warmth of the sun. Do solid wood furniture also need to enjoy the sun? Don't think so. Sunlight will erode solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture should be placed in a place that is not exposed to sunlight. Avoid furniture. Prolonged exposure. If the furniture needs to be placed by the window, it can be fitted with curtains that block UV rays.

Choose light wax to wipe furniture

Furniture should be wiped frequently, but remind you that when cleaning furniture, do not use solvents containing alcohol and gasoline to wipe the stains, which will corrode the furniture. It is best to use wood-colored wooden furniture light wax, apply it thinly on the surface of the finish, and then wipe it with cotton cloth. This can reduce dust and increase gloss.

Keep away from heat sources

Solid wood furniture doesn't like places that are too hot. When choosing a placement position, avoid contact with hotter heat sources such as heating, otherwise the furniture will be heated and cracked, affecting the appearance.

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