Robe 210

Product Info

  • Model : W2200
  • Specifications : 2200*600*2400
  • Cabinet: E1 class moisture-proof board / multilayer solid wood board, optional
  • Door panel: UV marble white
  • Clothes rail: LED red wire outside sensor / ordinary clothes, optional
  • Shoe rack: double-layer shoe cabinet that can be stretched out.
  • Stretchable hanger, password extraction and hidden password selection
  • Source creation!

Product Details

The overall wardrobe in the bedroom belongs to you who love beauty. Witness the work of beautiful women in space. Here is the light and light, which belongs to your own gorgeous stage. Everyday life starts here, showing your colorful life.

         Every piece of clothing here is through your carefully selected history museum, and each piece of clothing carries your unique and beautiful memory! Here is a wonderful testimony of your years, love, and career.

Customize your beautiful space by partition: Design your partitions according to the following, good designs will keep you from worrying about dressing

Lifestyle: leisure area, sports area. Occupation area.

Clothing classification: outerwear area, topwear area, bottomwear area, underwear area, accessories area, shoes area, bag area, etc.

Functional zoning: layout of stacking area, hanging area, display area, storage area, etc.

Dressing frequency points: long wear area, off-season area, storage area, etc.

Gender and age points: women's area, men's area, children's area, etc.

Your custom is not a wardrobe, your custom is life ...

Tell me, help you achieve your ideal life.

Choose your own lucky color ...

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