MDF Paint Vanity AB-90M

Product Info

  • Model : AB-90M
  • Specifications : 900*460*900
  • Cabinet: MFC moisture-proof board / plywood optional
  • Door panel: MFC moisture-proof panel / plywood / MDF paint optional
  • Handle: optional
  • Ceramic Basin: High Quality Ceramic Basin UPC

Product Details


White is a timeless color of minimalism. The use of white in a minimalist bathroom can make a seemingly small space achieve a sense of depth with a perspective effect. Make our limited space wider!

Cabinet inner material:

Using melamine board as the main body, the door panel is treated with MDF surface baking paint. The material is controlled by the international advanced computer automation. The automatic edge banding machine handles the edge banding, so that the edge banding of the cabinet is delicate, smooth, and feels good. The edge banding is straight and smooth, and the joints are fine. The drilling uses six rows of drills with a modulus of 32 to complete the plate edges and holes on the surface of the plate at one time. These holes are the same positioning reference. In this way, the accuracy of the dimensions is completely guaranteed when the holes are matched !!

Door panels:

Adopt MDF piano baking paint treatment, moisture-proof performance is in all products, and environmental protection performance is also the same, environmental protection test formaldehyde release of baking paint products is 0.4mg / L;

Surface material: The paint on the surface of the yacht is almost zero formaldehyde. It is specially used for the surface paint of luxury wooden yachts on water. It is waterproof, not only shiny and shiny on the surface, strong abrasion resistance, but also harder with time. It is easy to clean, the surface is smooth, smooth, does not change color, no odor, and it is a real environmental protection paint.

Hardware Parts:

The drawers are made of silicon moment cell. The damping system is the closing technology developed at present. The drawers full of articles can be hydraulically recovered on the slide rails up to 5.5cm rebound point and closed automatically.


Adjustable and equipped with a hydraulic buffer system, which not only has strong rebound force, the original material is made of stainless steel, and the door panel is not easy to swing.

Road track:

Three-section buffer guide / concealed bottom guide is optional.

Our plates use European E0, E1 environmental protection quality standards, focusing on environmental protection ♻️ quality, 2 automatic feeders, 6 computer CNC engraving machines, automatic edge banding machines, quality assurance! Bonus points for health! Life span of up to 20 years!

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