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BIG CHINA K&B INT'L LIMITED [Date2010-12-13 10:51:12 ][Read4159 ]

BIG CHINA K & B INT L LIMITED. built XIDICAI furniture factory in1993 in China, and set up LUOSHANNA branch in 2007. BIG CHINA K & B INT L LIMITED is a set design, production large-scale production of OEM processing enterprises. It located in the economy developed Pearl River Delta! Near to Guangzhou, transportation convenient, and Guangzhou Area airport is only 30-minute bus ride away, covering a total area of more than 60,000 square meters. We are mai...
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TEL: +86-0757-85900767 Fax:4008875666-076811 CNGDICP:08038855Email: big@bigchina1.net,lisa@bigchina1.net
ADDRESS: ShuiKou Industrial estate LiShui NanHai FoShan,GuangDong